Lost in Translation


Lost in Translation

Fat Wreck

Here’s something I haven’t heard in a while.  Ellwood is a perfect flashback to the heyday of California party reggae, perfectly channeling the energies and sounds of bands like Sublime.  I mean, they really do sound just like Sublime.  This, while certainly nothing original, is very refreshing.  The fact that Ellwood is comprised of several members of the now-defunct Mad Caddies (including Chuck Robertson) is no surprise – the Mad Caddies were almost just as much a staple of Southern California reggae as Sublime.  The experience of the band’s members adds a lot to their polish; it sounds like they have all been doing this for years.  Lost in Translation is the band’s debut release, and really is worth a listen.  It may be Southern California reggae, but Sublime and the others have always sounded at home here in Chico.  Ellwood is no exception.


Released:  6/21/2011


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