This is my first experience with the WANDAS, and I’m digging it.  Part ‘60s pop, part modern indie rock, the WANDAS have continued to receive praise and love since their debut album New Wave Blues in 2009 (though, as a band, they have been together and performing since 2002).  Their newest album, the WANDAS, is no exception.  It’s a beautiful compilation of tracks that showcase the group’s harmonic and musical talent, the WANDAS is one of those few records where every song is good.  This four piece act from Boston cites Wilco, Elvis Costello, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen and The Strokes all as inspiration for their sound, and all are perfect comparisons.  While they are clearly a nod to a whole multitude of acts from the last 50 years, their sound is incredibly unique, as each song exists somewhere between all their inspirations as a new, methodical combination of the best of all those worlds.  The floating, melodic voice of lead singer Keith McEachern is perhaps the biggest stand out of this stand out band, he has a sound that would have existed perfectly alongside The Beach Boys on ‘60s radio transitioned to a more modern musical backup – and it works perfectly.  I highly recommend you pick up the WANDAS once it gets released, these guys are the perfect nod to everything that’s been done right in pop music and otherwise of the last half century.

Released:  8/30/2011


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