The Major Label

Bleu has long been a master of indie-pop.  Starting out as a musical celebrity in Boston known for his collaborations and spectacular live shows, he quickly grew to national and international acclaim with his first proper record release Headroom (2000) and the following record Redhead (2003).  Over the last eleven years he has toured the world over and produced records that have been loved by fans and critics alike.  Four is Bleu’s aptly titled fourth full album, and shows as much quality as his earliest releases along with a certain amount of growth for the musician.  The record will be his first to be released on his own, personal label, The Major Label.  As a professional well-received musician and power pop aficionado he has never had much influence from his superiors, but Four is entirely produced and created by Bleu himself – a first for Bleu.  It’s an excellent album, showcasing all the good things that have been brought to the table of pop music in the last decade while skipping over all the over-produced, Disney Channel-esque nonsense that modern pop music seems to be obsessed with.  Bleu and Four are proof that pop music can still be full of intelligence and soul.  Fans of sensible pop full of catchy melodies and powerful rythym will find a home with Bleu and Four.  I certainly did.

Released:  11/2/2010


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