Paul Collins Interview

Paul Collins and his bands The Nerves, The Breakaways and The Beat were some of the most important and influential staples from the first generation of rock ‘n’ roll power pop.  He will be bringing his talents to Chico this week as a part of his newest West Coast tour with The Beats.  Read on for the inside scoop on this not-to-be missed show.

Can you give me some background info on you and the band for people who may not be familiar?

Well I started out a long time ago in Sam Francisco in a little band called The Nerves. We were one of the first bands that started the DIY movement; we put out our own EP 45 record and were one of the first bands to tour nationally on our own. Our work paved the way for a lot of bands to succeed even if they were not on a major label. Then I had a band called The Beat who were signed to CBS Records and managed by the legendary Bill Graham. Our first album is considered my many to be a classic power pop record, we toured the world and with that band I established myself world wide and was able to keep making music until this very day.

What can we expect at the July 6th show? And why should we be sure to attend?

You can expect to hear a lot of great rock ‘n’ roll, power pop style! We are on tour with Garbo’s Daughter and we are joined in Chico with our dear friend Barbara Manning. Our set will include songs that span my entire career from The Nerves to today.

Can you tell me something about the bands and artists sharing the stage with you?

Barbara lives in Chico and her band is great, they all live and work in the town and have a real up sound. Garbo’s Daughter are from Orlando and they are part of the new generation of power pop bands springing up everywhere. They also work with one of our favorite labels, Burger Records out of Fullerton CA.

What does the future hold for you and The Beat?

Lots of touring! I feel a little like Johnny Appleseed, bringing power pop music to the people all over. We are touring the west coast and then we go from Seattle to Mobile Alabama for a tour of the south with our good buddies King Louie and his Missing Monuments, who are from New Orleans.

Anything else?

We would like the good people of Chico to come out to the show and experience what power pop is all about.  It’s a good time with a lot of great, catchy rock songs that make you want to jump and shout and kiss the girl standing next to you!

Paul Collins and The Beat will be performing at Café Coda July 6th with Garbo’s Daughter and local act Barbara Manning.  The doors are open to all ages and tickets are only 5 dollars, so there is no reason to miss this classic rock ‘n’ roll event.


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