Steam Summer Camp Sale

Steam Summer Camp Sale


For those who may have not heard of Steam, it is an online store (created and run by Half Life and Portal developers Valve) where gamers can purchase and download PC games.  It’s the biggest of its kind, almost outselling traditional stores like GameStop and Best Buy thanks to its ease of use and plethora of discounts.  Twice a year Steam holds a massive sale for almost every item in their catalogue (once in winter, once in summer).  Time has come again for the summer sale (this years is called Steam Summer Camp Sale) and by the time you read this it will be well into its seasonal clearance.  But don’t worry, it’s far from over.  If you are a PC gamer you likely already have Steam downloaded, so jump on and see what game has its price slashed today.  Now is the time to grab those expensive games you haven’t had the money for.

Dates:  6/30/2011 to 7/10/2011


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