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True Blood Season 4
July 2, 2011

True Blood

Season 4


Everyone’s favorite vampire romp is back.  This summer True Blood enters its fourth season, leaving everyone wondering how creator Alan Ball and the rest are going to top their spectacular third season.  It’s hard to imagine a villain more sinister than the Machiavellian Russel Edgington (played by Dennis O’Hare).  But then the wonderful Fiona Shaw got added to the cast (you may best know her as Harry’s awful Aunt Petunia) as the leader of the newest coven of witches in Bon Temps.  She specializes in necromancy – control of the undead – which could spell trouble for our favorite undead heroes.  One can only hope Shaw will fill the shoes left by O’Hare.  This season viewers will be sure to learn more about Sookie Stackhouse’s fae origins along with those werepanthers from up the road.  If you have HBO, tune in on Sundays to catch TV’s sexiest vampire escapade.

Released (fourth season air date):  6/26/11