Battle Beard Productions’ Back to School Show

It’s hard to miss the influx of residents that occurs every second week of August here in Chico.  Streets go from being practically empty to where it takes 20 minutes just to drive from my apartment to the Synthesis office.  Suddenly Chico becomes littered (both figuratively and literally) with beer cans and lost college students trying to find excitement in an unfamiliar town.  Well, if you are one of those students (or aren’t; it makes no matter), mark your calendars and make your way to the 1078 Gallery this Saturday, September 3rd for an all-ages funk show/dance party Back to School Show coordinated by (Battle Beard Productions) and featuring bands comprised of your own students and peers.  It’s a healthy alternative to those increasingly lame house parties and a great way to get your foot in the door of Chico’s stellar local music scene.  Besides, there will be food and drinks (for the 21 and over crowd), so by attending you won’t be missing out on any precious opportunities to get wasted.

A student, member of Battle Beard Productions and local musician the multitalented Josh Hegg gave Synthesis the low down on this not-to-be-missed event.

What artists will be performing?

Well, Jeff Pershing Band, Swamp Zen – both of which are local staples of jam/funkdom.  Then The Dynamics and SpeakEasy, comprised entirely of students.  We chose to have both local and student musicians to represent a sort of synergy of the two different groups coming together for the greater good of art.

What highlights are going to make this event a must-attend?
Barbeque (with vegetarian substitutes) and booze.  It’s not a sit-there-and-watch-this-band type of show.  I want people to let their hair down.  It’s going to be a high energy show with high energy people.  It’ll be a celebration of all things Chico.  Expect dancing and a convergence of the community and students.  We want this to be a hybrid of local musical talent with the party atmosphere.

Battle Beard Productions is a new group here in Chico.  What are you guys all about and what does the future hold for the crew?

Well, we are comprised mostly of Clouds on Strings members.  Matt Franklin, Mike Boone and I, after the success of our Prog Out With Your Hog Out show last spring, got super inspired and wanted to put on more shows.  It was a new way for us to get more involved in the music scene here.  We have a big metal show coming up down in Sacramento.  The “Hella Metal” show featuring metal acts from all over the North State.  Plus… we all have beards.

This funky Back to School show will be happening Saturday, September 3rd at local music venue the 1078 Gallery.  It’s got the usual Chico music show arrangement – doors open at 8 and the cover charge is a measly 5 dollars.  As an opportunity for students and locals to get involved in Chico’s incredible music scene, there really isn’t anything better.  Plus, there ARE drinks.


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