Electro Sunset II – Report

Electro Sunset II

Wild Oak Music Group

Just two weekends ago Wild Oak had its second Electro Sunset show – a night of electronic music of all genres, dancing and excellent atmosphere at the 1078 Gallery on Broadway.  The first show, occurring last March, was such a hit that their just had to be a second.  It was Wild Oak Records’, Chico States own music record company, first show of the year and it certainly was an excellent kick off to what will surely be another stellar year for the music group full of budding musicians, music producers and event organizers.

Electro Sunset II really showed the amount of effort that gets put into these shows by the Chico State students involved.  It was a complete success, one with great energy and excitement that was potentiated by the excellent people involved.  All the individuals in charge, of which I think were only students (at least all the people I saw in Wild Oak staff shirts were of student age; a testament to the quality of effort these students all put forth to get a show of this size and success off the ground) were having as much fun as the attendees.  Wild Oak staffers and electronic music lovers alike all took to the dance floor throughout the night with no reservation.

The show had three separate DJ sets – each as good as the last. Up first was local DJ 8zero5, and though the gallery was a little empty at the time, 8zero5’s set was enough to get everyone there on the dance floor.  In DJ 8zero5’s short existence (so far – he was the newest DJ at the event) he has become known for an impeccable use of sampling throughout his sets.  If Electro Sunset II was any indication, DJ 8zero5’s existence won’t stay short long and is far from over.

Up next was SteelFx who took the stage for a stellar set of dub and hip hop.  SteelFx was the only set of the night that had more than one DJ.  SteelFx is a duo comprised of local DJ’s Steele and Fox.  This duo has been performing throughout the Chico and other nearby cities’ music scenes since 2009.  They have even travelled as far as the Bay Area to perform, receiving rave reviews everywhere they go.  Saturday was no exception.  By this time of the event the venue was beginning to get pretty packed and SteelFx had no trouble getting the crowd moving.

Headlining the night was DJ No Request, a staple of the Chico electronic music scene for some time now.  Many recognized him from his performances with local electronic music group Team No Sleep and as one half of the duo Phunk Phenomenon.  His unique brand of funky house created a perfect set for the Electro Sunset atmosphere.  As with all the night’s other performers, No Request filled the floor and channeled excellent positive energy throughout.

By the end of the night, the second Electro Sunset had lived up to the standard set by its first edition six months ago.  Electro Sunset II was the perfect introduction to a new season and promising year for Wild Oak Records and their upcoming events and productions.


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