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Pretty Damn Awesome

It’s one of the best times of year again.  It’s that time when many of our favorite and best T.V. shows start their newest seasons.  Everything from half-hour comedies to hour-long HBO dramas are beginning their most recent intervals, and none have disappointed yet.  First up on our fall television premiers was everyone’s favorite biker drama Sons of Anarchy, which aired its first episode on September 6th.  Jax, Clay and the gang all got released back to Charming only to meet a new sheriff – something that is sure to cause a lot of changes in one of T.V.’s most exciting shows’ fourth season.  Next up was It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (September 15th), where we got to see a new side to Mac and the potential for new, and most certainly hilarious, situations regarding the characters 50 pound weight gain.  Then we had Modern Family, which kicked off its third season on September 21st with a spectacular set of back to back episodes featuring a dude ranch and a hint on who may soon be the show’s newest family member.   The following day saw the biggest set of new launches as NBC’s flagship comedy Thursdays had its excellent kick off.  Community returns with a new season at Greendale and some development regarding Pierce Hawthorns villainous streak that potentiated throughout most of last season.  The Office’s hour-long premier introduced Dunder Miflin’s replacement for Micheal, Robert California (portrayed by the excellent James Spader).  So many shows have begun their newest seasons that I have run out of room, so be sure to check your TV Guide to catch all your favorites.


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