Ever since it’s creation in the early 1981, Queensryche has been one of the strongest and most popular metal bands in existence.  Their album sales have shattered records, they constantly tour year after year and they have released more tracks than almost any of their contemporaries.  Now, 20 years later, Queensryche is still as insane and powerful as ever.  Their newest tour, in support of their latest album Dedicated to Chaos, still crowd’s theaters and sells out in a way that most bands never will.  This Saturday, September 10th, at our own Senator Theater, Queensryche will make a stop in Chico on their latest tour to smash skulls and melt faces in the most epic of fashions.

The band has assured us that though this tour is largely focused on promoting their newest album, they are “dedicated to melding the new with the old” to appease fans of all generations.  That means you will get to rock out to classics like “Silent Lucidity” and “If I Were King” while experiencing the band’s latest tracks for your first time in concert (or maybe your first time, period).  While many consider their newest album a departure from their classics, including the band themselves, as Queensryche guitarist Micheal Wilton pointed out that “It’s definitely more alternative,” their will be still be plenty of everything for everyone. You can certainly expect the best from this group of veteran heavy metal kings.

Queensryche has always been known for putting on stellar shows.  From the beginning, one of their biggest draws was their live performance.  They seem to attract metal fans from every corner of every place they perform too, and exist as one of the great classic mainstays in the genre.  Their Dedicated to Chaos tour has been no exception – each concert has been extremely well received by fans and critics alike, full of metal staples like fog machines, light shows and a general air of over-the-top loudness.

As the tour progresses, the band will continue to work on new content.  Wilton’s side project Wratchet Head is continuing at full speed, and if you found the newest Queensryche departure wasn’t up top your tastes, then you can surely expect the next Wratchet Head release to fill that empty classic metal hole.  According to Wilton, he and his band mates in Wratchet Head “have about eight to ten completed songs right now,” so you can expect that release soon.  At the same time, Queensryche is already hard at work on their follow-up record to Dedicated to Chaos, having been writing new material ever since Dedicated to Chaos’ release.

Queensryche’s Saturday, September 10th concert at the Senator is gearing up to be a must-see for local metal heads.  So mark your calendars and find yourself a ticket (which are available online at Ticketweb, reachable through Queensryche’s website, for $27.50).  With Queensryche’s excellent reputation and undeniable popularity, those tickets could sell out before the concert date, so make sure to get yours soon.


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