Sean Hayes and The Barr Brothers: Soul with a Story

Sean Hayes, a master of folk and soul will be bringing his unique musical brand back to Chico again for a not-to-be-missed performance at one of Chico’s newest venues, the Origami Recording Lounge.  Hayes is an accomplished veteran – six full length albums and non-stop touring have lead to a reputation that belongs to only the best and most dedicated of musicians.  His November 5th performance here, in Chico, will be the last stop on this latest tour.

Joining the stage with Hayes will be Montreal’s The Barr Brothers, an acclaimed acoustic, folksy blues band that’s set apart from its contemporaries through their perfectly pleasant melodies that create a flawless, ace sound that gives off that feeling of home, no matter where you might be.  This show will be a meeting of musical titans that should not be missed by fans of folk (or by music fans in general) for any reason, whatsoever.

In our eager anticipation for the show, Synthesis got a chance to talk to Sean Hayes about the upcoming performance, this latest tour and his future projects to share with our dedicated readers and those excited Hayes fans.

I understand you have performed in Chico many times before.  What do you like about performing here?  What draws you back to this town each tour?

I always get good people coming out to hear the music.  I’ve filled the Women’s Center multiple times, each turning into great little dance parties.  The Women’s Center is just an awesome spot to play to.  I also did a benefit there once.  Every time so far that I’ve come to Chico I’ve played at the Women’s center – it’s been there three or four times now.

Note:  This visit Sean Hayes will not be performing at the Women’s Center – he will instead be playing his kick-ass set at the Origami Lounge on Cherry Street.

How has the tour been so far?

It’s been great.  We’ve been all over the place.  Spent a week in the North-East.  Hit New York.  Did the whole West Coast thing, from San Diego to Vancouver and all the way back down.  The Chico performance will be at the tail end – but we are already moving towards starting another tour soon.

What do you have planned for your show?  Which albums will be focused on?  Any surprises?

There will be some surprises in new songs added into the mix that are not yet on any releases.  And a few covers here and there. Plus, add plenty of songs that are from all over the map; music from all of our records.  We will be hitting a little of everything.

Describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard you before.  What genre would you classify yourself as?  What are some of your influences?

I’d say folk with a little soul along for the ride.  It’s very lyrical and rounded. It has an emotional base and a singer emphasis.  There’s some croon in there.  And there’s even a little that you can move to.  It’s soul music with a story.

What does the future hold for you?  Any albums in the works?  More tours?

I’ve got a couple of things happening.  Going to be releasing an outtakes record –  that will be available November 29th.  It will be called Outtakes and Alternatives.  It will be full of stuff that never made it onto any records, plenty of old songs that have just been sitting around and some alternative versions of songs that made it onto records.  So I’ve been busy.  Also, I just finished putting together a collection of songs for a new record that will be coming out in the Spring.

Sean Hayes and The Barr Brothers will be getting their folk on at The Origami Lounge (708 Cherry St.) November 5th.  The doors will open at 8PM with music starting at 9PM.  Tickets are $20 at the door or $18 in advance (advance tickets are available at Bustolini’s, 800 Broadway, or online at  Get your tickets now – you do not want to miss out on this sure to be stellar performance.


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