Skylake Ranch

Pomegranates have long been called a superfood; it’s packed full of vitamins and antioxidants that perform wonders by promoting health through lowering the risk of heart disease to cancer and even the common cold.  Skylake Ranch here in Chico has been on a mission for nearly three years to bring this superfood to farmers markets and residents all throughout California through their creation of unique and delicious products.  These products range from the obvious freshly harvested pomegranates (when in season), to juices and jellies and all the way to marinade, grill sauces and grenadine.

Thanks to their creative products, business for Skylake Ranch has really been taking off.  While many businesses are having trouble staying afloat, Skylake Ranch has only seen expansion since their beginnings.  Their pomegranates and products are sold at farmers markets all throughout California, from local cities and towns including almost every Chico farmers market to Oroville, Marysville, Yuba City and more to more remote locations like the northern coastline, Bay Area and as far south as Los Angeles.

For anyone who may not be able to catch one of Skylake Ranch’s many farmers’ market booths, the business also has a healthy online component (  Every product they sell at markets is available on the website – and depending on which market you frequent, there may be products on the website that were not even available at their booth.  But perhaps the best way to purchase these pomegranate wares are out at Skylake Ranch itself; during pomegranate season they open the ranch to visitors who can enjoy the natural setting and purchase fresh pomegranates and pomegranate goods from the orchard they grow at.  Keep your eye open for Skylake Ranch on your next visit to a market – this homegrown business is not one to be missed.


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